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You Live, You Learn

6 Jun, 2018

You Live, You Learn

What Else Could Go Wrong?

Some days are just easier than others when it comes to being a pet mom.  The past couple of weeks have been quite the learning experience for me.  Where should I start?

My name is April and I own a local pet sitting and walking business.  This line of work allows me to constantly be learning as I go.  There are many things such as breeds, medications a pet is taking, weather that is unsafe for a pet to be in and much more that I look up regularly online.  I honestly didn’t realize how many things go along with a pet sitting business.  The most recent situation I learned from was with my own pets being out with one of my employees.

My boy dog, Vino, is 14 years old.  He is set in his ways and really likes to just relax around the house.  My girl dog Lola also likes to lay around the house but is a lot younger so she enjoys getting out for walks as well.  I had asked my employee to take Vino and Lola out for a short walk.  They had already been to the vet that day and were not wanting to get out again.  About 20 minutes later, my employee comes running in talking so fast that I could barely understand him.  Both my dogs are panting and ran upstairs tot heir kennel.  This is not like them as they always wait for a treat before going upstairs.  I ran up after them to make sure that they were ok.  Once I assessed the situation, I asked my employee what had happened.

Apparently, Vino did not want to go any further on the walk and wiggled out of his leash.  He started to run back towards the house.  My employee started to run after him with Lola running with him.  He was able to eventually get back to Vino and get them both back to the house.  But Lola had run a long distance and was very tired.  Vino was so scared that he hid in his kennel and would not come out.  When my boyfriend returned home he noticed that Lola’s paws were bleeding some and had started come off like a burn on skin. 

We quickly brought them both to the vet and were told they both had burns on their paws from running too fast on the concrete and had to have their paws wrapped.  Thankfully, both healed up quickly and only had to wear one of those lovely cones around their necks for a couple of days.

So, I did what I always do and started to research dog’s getting loose during walks, paw burns and anything else I could relate to this situation.  Dog’s paws can be hurt easily, and small dogs should go on shorter walks that are comfortable to them.  Hot concrete should be avoided always.  If a dog is showing signs of tiredness or not wanting to go any further on a walk, start heading back home.  These are all things I would do while on a walk but needed to make sure I trained my employees accordingly.  Dogs also take to certain people.  They should always feel comfortable with their sitter or walker.  If it doesn’t seem like a good fit, don’t try to force it.

I noticed that Vino is extra sensitive when Rob or I are out of town.  I now keep them with the same sitter every time, so they know the person and feel safe when we are out.  I’ve also realized that if my pups have been to the vet or groomer that day, they just need to go for a very short walk just to potty and then back home.  Too much change really effects Vino.

I know things happen, but it is always hard to see your pups scared or hurt.  You just want to do anything you can to make them better.  We are constantly learning in life and have to try to find the good in situations.  Have you ever had your dog take off running or get hurt while out on a walk?  How did you handle the situation?  Please share any thoughts or ideas!

April Long