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Your Life VS. Your Dog’s Life – Part 2

7 Apr, 2018

Your Life VS. Your Dog’s Life – Part 2


Lola is my girl do who is now 8.  She is definitely the spunkier one out of the two.  Even though she drives Vino crazy sometimes, they are the best of friends.  In last weeks blog I talked about my own agenda vs my dog’s agenda.  I talked about Vino and his needs.  Vino is a daddy’s boy no doubt.  Lola on the other hand wants to be with mom every second.  If I am walking around the house she is jumping on my legs to get picked up.  If I am laying down she is whining to get covered up right next to me.  Lola is different from Vino in many ways.  She wants to be pet and held by anyone and everyone.  She will greet you at the door and then jump on your lap when you sit down.  I have noticed that she, like Vino, does not care for other dogs or small children.  I think it is more of a jealousy thing with her.  If I am giving my attention to another animal or a baby, she is not happy.

Some individual things I like to do for Lola is take time to hold her, throw one of her toys so she can run laps all around the room, let her lay on a heating pad (turned on low) and she loves to hang out in the bathroom when I take a bath.  She has such a fun spirit and loves to run, but when I hold her she is vary calm.  This bonding time means so much to her and me.  It is nice that she and Vino both like short walks and more playtime at home.  I would have to walk them separate if one wanted longer walks and playtime with other dogs.

Lola is quite a bit younger than Vino which is one of the major reasons she has so much more energy.  The vet couldn’t believe that Vino is 14 years old.  He looks so young and I think Lola has kept him young.  Even if that is not the case, I like to think that’s what is keeping him here longer with us.  I love the personalities of both.  I thought my dogs had the funniest attitudes and personalities.  After starting my own pet business, I realized that every dog is unique in their own way.  It has been so nice to get to know so many other dogs.  I bond with each one in different ways.  Some just need some sweet pets and quality time and others are bolting at the door when I walk in because they can’t wait to get out and venture around.  Dogs are extraordinary animals.  I am thankful for my pups every day.

I would love to hear some of the fun or different personality traits your pet has.  Do they lay in certain areas of the house?  Do they need special time designated to certain things?

Thanks for stopping in.  I’ll be back next week where I will talk about different food and treats that your dog might love but should not eat.


April Long