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Category Archives: "Pet Sitting"

6 Jun, 2018

You Live, You Learn

What Else Could Go Wrong? Some days are just easier than others when it comes to being a pet mom.  The past couple of weeks have been quite the learning experience for me.  Where should I start? My name is April and I own a local pet sitting and walking business.  This line of work […]

25 Apr, 2018

Help me, Help you

Have you ever had your dog start acting strangely and you couldn’t figure out why?  This has happened to me on numerous occasions.  I have read so many articles that I think there are hundreds of reasons why your dog might be acting weird. I thought about this as I was sitting at my desk […]

14 Apr, 2018

But Mom, it tastes so good!

One of my favorite things about being a dog mom is rewarding my pups with a treat when they do something good.  My boy dog, Vino, lives for treats.  Lola will take treats, but she is not nearly as much of a die-hard fan of treats as Vino.  Over the years I have grown and […]

7 Apr, 2018

Your Life VS. Your Dog’s Life – Part 2

Lola Lola is my girl do who is now 8.  She is definitely the spunkier one out of the two.  Even though she drives Vino crazy sometimes, they are the best of friends.  In last weeks blog I talked about my own agenda vs my dog’s agenda.  I talked about Vino and his needs.  Vino […]

28 Mar, 2018

Your Life VS. Your Dog’s Life – Part 1

I have two Chihuahuas, Vino and Lola.  Vino, the boy dog is 14 years old and when he was 4 years old we added Lola to the family, she is now 8. At that time, I had realized that I was gone a lot for work and school and Vino needed more love than I […]